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These Are the Dangers of Overgrown Trees

Are your trees out of control and out of reach? We need big trees to live and breathe. What we don’t need is our overgrown trees becoming more of a hazard than they are helpful. We may have a long list of things on our minds other than the trees in our yard. Don’t worry, that is […]

Why Do We Use Green Pine Trees for Christmas?

Ready to celebrate Christmas? The Christmas holidays are always great bonding moments for your family. One of the most important symbols of Christmas is the green pine trees used as Christmas trees. But how did they come to be? Don’t let go of that question yet. With this guide, you’ll learn how the green pine tree became […]

Pine Tree Stump Removal: These Are the Key Things to Know

Yellow or brown needles, dead branches, leaning off-balance…all the tell-tale signs are there. Your pine tree’s dying and needs to get removed. However, pine trees grow differently from other trees in that their roots spread out more on a horizontal plane. Normal tree roots tend to go down and deep instead. So what steps can you take […]

How Long Does It Take for a Tree to Grow?

Are you planting a new tree in your yard and you’re wondering how long it’ll be before it’s full-height? Maybe you’ve already got a tree and you want to know how much bigger it’s going to get. Many people ask us, “how long does it take for a tree to grow?”, but the answer is […]

What to Do If Your Tree Has Frost Cracks

Every year, winter happens. That means many areas around America get covered in frost. But what happens when you have frost cracks etched into the trunk? What are you supposed to do? Should you call an arborist for an evaluation? Or should you treat the tree yourself? Follow this guide, and we’ll show you what to do […]