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5 Reasons Why Routine Tree Maintenance Is Important

Do you have a bunch of trees growing on your property? If so, they’re going to provide you with so many benefits. Trees will look nice and improve the appearance of your home. They’ll also shade your home and keep it cool in the summer. In some instances, trees can even increase the value of your property. You […]

Tree Trimming: The Complete Guide to Pruning in the Winter

More than 80,000 tree care establishments in the US cover everything from trimming backyard trees to winter tree pruning. Yet, many people stop all gardening activities when temperatures drop. But did you know that winter is the best time for tree pruning? Even though the weather is cold outside, winter gives you time to perform structural pruning […]

Mulch: Add Another Layer to Protect Your Trees’ Roots

If you’re a Dallas homeowner, we always recommend planting native trees in your yard. Species that are native to North Texas have evolved to survive our climate, from extreme summer heat to below-freezing days and nights in the winter. That said, most Dallas homeowners will need to take preventative measures to keep their trees in good health. […]

Winter Tree Care: 4 Essential Tips

The 2021 winter storm in Texas left many residents in the dark for days at a time. In February of this year, another harsh cold snap hit and caused 50,000 people to experience power outages. If another cold storm hits this winter, it’s important to be prepared. This includes knowing about tree care tips. Keep reading to learn more about winter […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Tree Removal Company

Did you know that tree removal can prevent property damage? A diseased or damaged tree is just as heavy as a healthy tree, other than being structurally unsound. A falling tree can cause severe damage to your house, car, or property. Contacting a tree removal company can prevent this from happening, saving you plenty of money […]

3 Tips for Pruning Pine Trees

Did you know that the best time of year to prune trees is in the winter? One of the great things about pine trees is that they stay green all year round. They also require much less maintenance than other kinds of trees. This is why people mistakingly think that it is not necessary to prune them. […]

Winter Bug Treatments: How They Help Your Trees

Winter bug treatments are essential for maintaining healthy trees. Tree pests are experts at hiding during the winter, leading many people to believe they’ve gone. The truth is, most bugs will hide within the tree until spring when it’s often too late to save the tree from damage. During fall and winter is the best […]

The Benefits of Winter Tree Trimming

Did you know that 40% of homeowners that have a lawn or yard hire professionals to help them keep it nice? If you’re a homeowner, you probably know how difficult it can be to maintain your yard. It can be easy to forget about the health of your trees and bushes. However, investing in pruning tree services […]