5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Stump Grinding Service

The green grass, blooming flowers, and bird bath in your Dallas yard make you feel like you’re in a private oasis. You look at the other side of your yard to see several unsightly stumps. Your excitement about your yard suddenly fizzles.

Research shows that well-manicured yards may add monetary value to homes. Making your yard stump-free may increase your home’s value by 15-20% overall. This is invaluable for people who plan to sell.

Are you considering removing the stumps in your yard? Let’s explore five reasons you should hire a professional stump grinding service.

1. Proper Equipment

Grinding a stump with high-powered, large equipment requires training and skills. You’ll also have to wear personal protective equipment (e.g., a helmet, goggles, earmuffs, boots, and gloves) to protect your body (more on safety later). You might not have access to these items, and figuring out what to rent or buy may feel overwhelming.

The process is also cumbersome. That’s because you’ll have to remove debris, like dirt and rocks, from around each stump you grind. Quality shovels and wheelbarrows are needed to expedite this task.

professional tree company in Dallas has access to specialized and personal protective equipment that’s not readily available for homeowners. This means the company can effectively remove stumps from your land with minimal disruption or mess.

2.  Lawn Protection

Professional tree stump grinding services will take the proper precautions to safeguard your lawn when removing tree stumps and roots. This is critical since incorrect techniques may cause unintended damage. Let’s examine how a tree company can protect your outdoor space.

Eliminating Dangerous Holes

The right service won’t leave large holes filled with sawdust and wood chips. These holes can pose tripping hazards and affect your lawn’s health and appearance. Your chosen tree company should fill these holes with grass seeds and topsoil and use the excess chips as mulch.

Avoiding Soil Damage

A stump grinding service will prevent damage to your yard’s soil. Grinding stumps can alter your soil’s chemical balance since the sawdust and wood chips consume nitrogen as they decompose.

Your soil may become less fertile, stopping other plants from growing. Tree companies can prevent this by enriching your soil with fertilizer before planting vegetation like grass.

Preventing Root Damage

Improper stump grinding may damage or sever nearby shrubs’ or trees’ roots as the grinding blade enters the ground. This may kill or weaken these plants. The plants might also become vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Skilled stump grinding professionals can prevent this by keeping their equipment away from nearby plants. Not cutting too wide or deep with the grinder is another way to avoid unwanted root damage.

Stopping Structural Damage

Grinding stumps might cause nearby wires, pipes, driveways, sidewalks, or buildings to receive damage. That’s because grinder blades may crack or hit these structures. Stump removal might also cause your yard to settle or shift.

An experienced tree professional will prevent this by inspecting your stumps for signs of structures or underground utilities before grinding them. They’ll maintain safe distances between your stumps and nearby objects.

Removing Tree Roots

Removing your tree roots during stump grinding will help prevent disease and pest infestations. Left-behind roots decay over time and may spread infections to other plants or trees. Rotting roots might also become a home for insects like beetles, ants, and termites.

Termites might eventually move from your tree roots to your home’s interior. This may lead to significant extermination costs.

Treating termites may cost between $200 and $1,000. Signs you have a termite problem include hearing quiet chewing in your home’s wood or seeing holes in the wood.

Leaving Clean Yard Areas

Dependable stump grinding companies will leave clean spaces in your yard for landscaping and other purposes, like building a deck or patio. You won’t have to worry about trees returning in these areas since your company will remove the tree roots as mentioned earlier.

3. Tree Service Safety

Removing tree stumps may be dangerous since tree branches and roots might have sharp edges. Some trees are large and heavy.

High-volume grinders are also dangerous since they feature powerful and sharp wood-cutting blades. Large wood chunks may fly in various directions during grinding, posing a severe risk to passersby.

A professional Dallas tree service is trained to use this excavation equipment safely to avoid accidents that may damage your property or injure someone. Reputable companies will be insured, too.

Insured companies will cover the cost to treat someone they injure or replace property they damage while working in your yard. This property might include a fence, car, or house.

4. Project Affordability

Another reason to choose a professional stump grinding service is their affordability. Many companies offer competitive prices, making the job cost-effective.

Tree services must invest in expensive equipment to grind stumps 4-6 inches below the dirt. They must also use a dumpster to haul excess debris from grinding. Securing these tools yourself is more expensive than hiring a tree professional.

5. Grinding Ease and Efficiency

A professional service can grind tree stumps more quickly than you can since they have the proper equipment and experience for this job. This means you can enjoy a more attractive, safer yard sooner.

Reliable tree companies handle all phases of the operation. These include preparation, machine operation, and cleanup.

Your job? Take them to your stump locations and permit them to complete the task. You can then focus on handling other tasks, like working and caring for your children, while they focus on your stump job.

Hire Our Stump Grinding Service Today

Hiring a stump grinding service offers several benefits for homeowners. They can help protect your yard from damage resulting from improper grinding techniques.

Reputable tree professionals have the right equipment and training to complete your grinding tasks safely. They’ll also quickly and efficiently complete the job, leaving you a captivating and safe yard sooner.

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