5 Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal in Dallas

A well-maintained, mature tree can increase your property value by 7-19%. They’re easy to use as a centerpiece of your landscaping to draw in the eye of visitors and potential buyers.

The problem is that, like any living thing, they can get sick or damaged as they mature. Keeping them on the property for too long once this happens presents a danger to you and your community.

Read on to learn five important signs it might be time to call for tree removal.

1. Signs of Damage or Decay

If you’re not sure if your tree is alive, there are several signs you can look out for. A dying tree will have:

  • Vertical cracks in the trunk
  • Bark peeling
  • Dead branch stubs
  • Open cavities

If a professional determines you have a dead tree, you’ll need to have it removed. It’ll free up space in your yard and prevent any issues such as fungus or illness from spreading.

2. Dead or Dying Branches

Pruning branches is an important part of tree care and can help extend your tree’s life. If dead or dying branches keep showing up, it may be a sign that the tree needs to be removed entirely.

Get rid of branches that are crossed or rubbing together or narrow branches at an angle. Do this while the tree is young to prevent splitting.

Dead branches on one side are a sign of rot or trunk damage on that side. That could cause the tree to lean or tip over.

3. Leaning

Certain trees grow at an angle while stretching for sunlight in the early stages. This isn’t a problem unless it starts to create balance issues.

Tree roots aren’t always strong enough to support trees that have a significant lean. They can fall after weather such as:

  • Storms
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Extreme winds

A lean can start to uproot the tree or be a sign of decay. Both are worthwhile reasons to get it removed.

4. Sprouts at the Base

Sprouts at the base of a tree are a sign of severe stress. These include:

  • New home construction
  • Injury
  • Overexposure to sun
  • Thinning
  • Soil compaction

Pulling these sprouts out isn’t enough to solve the problem. It’s a sign that the tree couldn’t endure a recent ordeal and needs to be removed.

5. It Keeps Other Plants from Growing

81% of Americans have a lawn. 47% regularly use it at least once a month for entertainment. Nothing ruins a garden party (or any time outside) faster than plants or grass choked out by a large shade tree.

Removing it will help non-shade-resistant grass and plants grow. It’ll also help stop your neighbors from complaining if it’s keeping their lawns from growing.

Where to Get Tree Removal Services

Trees that show signs of death or decay need to be removed. One of these signs is repeated dead or decaying branches, especially if they only show up on one side

Trees that lean are prone to falling after any significant weather events. They’ll also keep other plants from growing.

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