A Guide on When to Trim Oak Trees in Texas

Many types of trees, like oak trees, require occasional trimming to prevent a condition known as Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is a fungal condition that keeps nutrients from reaching the upper branches of trees. If left untreated, Oak Wilt can cause a tree to lose some of its leaves or even kill the tree.

Trimming cuts off excess branches and helps focus growth in a concentrated direction. Many experts say the best time to trim an oak tree is in winter when the fungus is less active.

This raises the question of when to trim oak trees in Texas or other areas with mild winters. We’ll discuss that here.

Trees and Texas Law

Winter is the ideal time for pruning oak trees, and that holds true whether you’re in Maine or Texas. Texas does come with some intricacies, though. It is illegal to trim an oak tree later than January in some parts of Texas.

Eight states in the US require a license before you can start a tree-trimming business. Texas is not among these states, but many areas of Texas do require a permit to trim trees in your own yard.

If you don’t have a license or don’t want to risk damaging the tree, you could always hire a professional. We at Green Pine Tree Service have many skilled experts on our staff who know how to deal with Texas trees, and we’re proud to represent the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Please remember that oak trees don’t need trimming every year. Every two or three years is enough.

Why Winter?

We’ve mentioned that the best time to trim a tree is in the winter, but we need to discuss why. The biggest reason is that the tree slows down during the winter. Trees transport nutrients using vascular tissues known as xylem and phloem.

The shorter days in the winter limit photosynthesis, so the xylem and phloem become less active. Oak Wilt spreads through predation by bark beetles. These beetles often carry the fungus that causes Oak Wilt. Once the fungus gets into a tree, it hijacks the tree’s xylem and phloem to spread to other trees.

Bark beetles hibernate during the winter, and oak trees don’t take in as many nutrients, so Oak Wilt doesn’t spread much in the winter.

Prevention and Cure

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. This is as true for Oak Wilt as it is for any other condition. Oak Wilt has no known cure, so careful tree maintenance is necessary.

If you do spot Oak Wilt on your tree, call professional services. They’ll know what to do. We also recommend getting a tree health assessment every now and then. These assessments will help catch any potential issues early.

When to Trim Oak Trees in Texas

If you’re wondering when to trim oak trees in Texas, we’re here to help. The full answer is a bit complicated, but the basic answer is to trim trees in the winter every few years.

If you’re looking for professional tree services, we’d be happy to help you out. We encourage you to contact us at Greenpine Tree Service to set something up.