Dead Trees with Green Leaves: Myth or Reality?

Having trees on your property can attract songbirds, provide cooling shade, and even increase your privacy. The problem is that you’re actually dealing with a liability when you don’t have healthy trees.

How can you tell the difference between tree health signs and tree disease symptoms? Can a dead tree have green leaves?

The short answer is that if a tree is 100% dead, the leaves will turn brown and fall away. However, healthy-looking foliage doesn’t guarantee a healthy tree. Read on to learn more about the signs that your trees need help.

Signs Your Tree Is Dying

Native Dallas trees can show impressive resistance to our local climate, living through heat waves and droughts year after year. However, there are plenty of threats to tree health, including the recent infestation of emerald ash borers.

Trees tend to become “sick” when something impacts their internal water and nutrient transport. You may start to notice things like:

  • Peeling bark
  • Falling limbs
  • Brittle roots
  • Excessive fungi growth

Depending on the reason for your tree’s poor health, careful pruning may be enough to save it. However, this requires early intervention.

Signs Your Tree Is Dead

We consider a tree dead when it’s no longer able to collect or use water and nutrients to support itself. You’ll notice similar signs as the ones listed above, along with dead or fallen leaves.

At this point, you’ll almost always need tree removal in Dallas. Dead trees can rot from the inside out, making them structurally unsound and liable to fall.

Believe it or not, some varieties, like willows and poplars, can appear dead above ground despite having a healthy root system. Once again, careful (and considerable) Dallas tree trimming may help these trees produce new shoots and start fresh.

Can a Dead Tree Have Green Leaves?

Oftentimes, a sick tree can continue to support leaf health for weeks or even months. If you’re noticing other signs that your tree is dying, don’t be fooled by the green foliage. Contact a Dallas tree service to inspect for arboreal anomalies and signs of disease.

You may also want to take a closer look, especially if your tree only has green foliage in certain spots. Though we may think of it as a holiday staple, mistletoe is a parasitic plant that can sap the resources from its host tree. From a distance, it can also appear that the mistletoe leaves are part of the tree’s foliage, not a separate (and worrisome) species.

Call Green Pine Tree Service for Dallas Tree Care

If you own Dallas property, it’s good to start asking questions about your trees. Can a dead tree have green leaves? While the simple answer is no, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to tree health.

Green Pine Tree Service takes environmental preservation into account with every service we complete. Each of our property owners will receive a thorough assessment and individualized tree care plan before we ever make a single change to your landscape. Contact us for tree care tips and tree care services.