Helping Humans and Nature: 6 Reasons Why Tree Pruning Is Important

As President Trump signs the one trillion tree executive order, we’re all reminded of the importance of promoting conservation and the need to regenerate the country’s forests. Apart from planting trees, the next best thing you can do for both humans and nature is tree pruning.

You see, the trees in our forests have the freedom to grow, stretch their branches, and spread out their limbs as much as possible. When the time comes, they shed old branches and weak limbs, which fall to the forest floor without much impact. However, when it comes to the trees in your backyard, so much freedom is not possible.

You want them to remain healthy and look as natural as possible, while at the same time, you want to prevent them from becoming a safety risk. This is where tree pruning comes in. Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing tree branches to improve the tree’s structure and redirect new and healthy growth.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why tree pruning is important.

1. Improved Plant Health

The most significant benefit of tree pruning is improved plant health. You see, pruning gets rid of damaged and unwanted tree branches that may have been dead or diseased. What makes this so important is that dead or dying branches or stubs can become an entry point for pests and diseases.

Diseases can then spread to the rest of the tree, which would lead to more dead branches and damage to the entire tree. This means that it’s imperative for you always to catch the dead branches on time to keep them healthy and prevent pests and diseases.

2. Reduced Pests and Insects

The next best thing about pruning the trees on your property is that it helps prevent or manage pests and insects much better. There’s a wide range of insects, worms, and pests that build nests on trees and other shrubs around your home. Most of these organisms tend to eat the foliage and suck the plant’s sap, weakening and that tree in the process.

They can also spread diseases, and if left unchecked, they could kill the tree entirely.

In addition to that, some of these pests and insects can also become annoying uninvited guests into your home, which will give you something extra to worry about. Tree pruning can help you avoid all these problems and manage insects and pests on your property.

3. Enhance Plant Growth

You may not know this, and it may seem counter-intuitive, but tree pruning actually encourages growth.

When the shoot tips are trimmed, they influence the growth of other shoot tips. This essentially means that once you prune some of the main shoots on your trees, they will encourage the growth of other shoots as well, leaving you with an incredibly healthy tree that remains beautiful throughout.

4. Enhance the Beauty of Your Trees

Talking about beautiful trees, tree pruning enhances the beauty of your trees. When you reduce the amount of wood by cutting the tree branches, you create more energy for the tree. This energy promotes growth and health for the rest of the tree, and it develops healthier leaves and flowers.

Of course, for this to happen, tree pruning has to be done correctly. If you’re unsure of your tree pruning skills but want to increase the number of shoots that grow flowers on your trees, consider hiring a professional tree pruning services.

5. Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home

Tree pruning is one of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal and maintain your landscaping.

When you trim wayward branches, you keep them evergreen, dense and proportioned in a way that looks good. You can prune your trees to a desired size or shape that fits according to your landscape, then go the extra mile and prune your shrubs as well to support your landscape layout and keep your home looking great.

6. Protect Your Family and Property

One of the best things about regulatory pruning trees on your property is that you keep your family and property safe when you remove the dead branches. These damaged tree branches can always fall unexpectedly, and it could be anywhere depending on the location of your tree.

The last thing you want is for a tree limb to fall and damage your roof, or worse, fall on someone on walkways, driveways, or children’s play areas. Pruning is especially important when approaching fall or rainy seasons because a storm can break the branches and drag them to your property.

Top Tree Pruning Methods

The pruning process is not a straight forward as just trimming any branches you come across. If you have no idea what’s involved and the different pruning methods, the best course of action may be to contact professional tree pruning services.

Let’s look at the different pruning methods below.


Thinning is a radical type of tree pruning because you have to cut the entire shoot, limb, or branch from the point of origin.

This process is most suitable for old parts that are weak, problematic, over-mature, or unwanted. It revitalizes the tree and encourages the formation of fresh growth.


Topping involves obliterating the branches of a tree and leaving the trunk behind.

This process is most suitable for very young trees if you are looking to create trellis, espalier, or during pollarding. However, this is not a highly recommended tree pruning method and is usually best left to the specialists.


Raising involves turning the lower branches of the tree, which is mostly done to clear a path. If a tree happens to be on your driveway or walkway outside your gate, you can use this tree pruning method to clear a path for pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles.


Reduction is another tree pruning method that involves reducing the tree’s height, size, or spread. The process consists of cutting the branch leaders or terminals to maintain the structural integrity of the tree.

The Importance of Tree Pruning

Now that you understand tree pruning’s importance, you should get to it and take good care of your trees. For professional trimming, you can always hire the best tree pruning services in your area and let them bring your trees back to life.

For professionals tree pruning, please contact Green Pine Tree Service today and let us take good care of your trees.