How Exactly Can You Save a Dying Tree?

You purchased your property with dreams of enjoying the shade from it for years to come. But these days, your tree isn’t looking very healthy.

Signs of a dying tree range from cracks to brittle bark and a limited number of healthy leaves.

Fortunately, it may be possible to save a dying tree. Here are a few steps to take to help you to get your tree in great shape.

Let’s get started!

Pinpoint the Tree Problem

The first step in saving a tree is to identify what is causing your tree’s issue.

As an example, you may have recently altered the environment surrounding the tree’s base. For instance, you might have begun to drive your car beneath the tree and therefore compacted the area’s soil. This may reduce the air and water uptake of your tree’s roots, leading to its decline.

Another possible cause of a dying tree is a pest infestation. A healthy tree will produce enough sap to drown potential attackers. However, a sick tree won’t be able to fight off these attackers due to a weakened natural defense.

Prune the Tree

After pinpointing your dying tree problem, you’ll need to prune the tree. Ideally, you should remove around 30% of your tree’s foliage.

This step is akin to giving your tree antibiotics. It will give your tree the massive health boost it needs by allowing it to use its resources to support the remaining tree branches.

Moderately pruning a tree will also allow the tree to survive on less water. This will make it more resilient in a drought.

Water and Fertilize Your Dying Tree

Finally, you can save a dying tree by implementing an appropriate watering and fertilizing program.

For instance, you might need to let your garden hose run at your tree’s base overnight every couple of weeks. Soaking the ground in this way will allow your tree to absorb the water it needs to flourish again.

In addition, apply fertilizer to your tree to further revive it. You can use a chemical fertilizer, following the manufacturer’s instructions, or even apply horse manure around your tree’s dripline.

If you use horse manure, thinly rake it through the soil and apply water to your tree’s base to give your tree a health boost.

How We Can Help

To save a dying tree, you’ll need to first pinpoint what’s causing your tree problem, whether it’s an environmental change or a pest infestation. You will then need to prune the tree as well as water and fertilize it.

At Greenpine Tree Service, your leading Dallas tree service, we offer high-quality arborist evaluation services, so we can evaluate your tree and create a plan for restoring its health. We can also prune your trees and show you how to keep them healthy long term.

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