The Importance of Safety Gear When Using Tree Trimming Equipment

Did you know that some trees can grow to over 70 feet tall? Even if the trees in your yard aren’t that tall, you’ll want to be mindful of safety if you’re planning to prune them. Without taking precautions, you can put yourself and others at risk of serious injuries.

Read on to learn more about the importance of safety gear when using tree trimming equipment!

Get a Harness

A harness helps you stay in place when you’re taking care of tree trimming. A good harness will include an adjustable belt and the ability to attach tools easily. You can also choose a harness with leg straps for better ease of movement.

But if ascending a tree and staying secure while trimming branches makes you uneasy, don’t do it. When in doubt, it pays to turn to the professionals for your Dallas tree trimming needs. Green Pine Tree Service has trained arborists who can remove or trim your trees safely!

Wear a Helmet and Gloves

A helmet is a must-have item when you’re doing tree trimming. Gloves also are critical to keep your hands safe from ragged branches or bark. Gloves made from durable fabric will help you maintain a good grip without fear of injuries.

Tree trimming can cause falling branches, even when you’re not expecting them. That’s why you’ll want to always be wearing a helmet if you’re not hiring professional tree services.

Many helmets feature a combination of plastic and polystyrene for a protective shell. Find one with an adjustable strap to ensure a snug fit; choose one with air vents for optimal comfort.

Choose Eye and Ear Protection

Are you making a list of tree trimming equipment? Don’t forget to add eye and ear protection. Safety glasses can keep away shards of branches or old wood as you’re cutting. If you’re using a loud piece of tree trimming equipment, like a chainsaw, you’ll want to protect your ears, as well, with earplugs.

If you have any concerns about your ability to manage tree trimming safely, you’re better off letting a Dallas tree service do the work. They’ll have the necessary personal protective equipment and ample experience.

Invest in Leg Guards

When you’re busy trimming trees, you’re at risk of falling debris. And in situations with dense leaves or branches, your legs could face scrapes, scratches, or worse. That’s why leg guards are essential.

Leg guards can be strapped onto your lower legs to provide cushioning and protection. The nylon pads won’t be tough to clean, and they’ll help you feel more secure. Many leg guard options are waterproof, too, meaning you won’t be a soggy mess.

Be Safe Using Tree Trimming Equipment

Tree trimming equipment can help you stay safe. Invest in a helmet, gloves, and glasses. And don’t forget to use earplugs, leg guards, and a sturdy harness.

Turn to Greenpine Tree Service when you need professional Dallas tree trimming services. Our certified arborists can evaluate your trees’ health and help you identify the right solutions for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!