These Are the Dangers of Overgrown Trees

Are your trees out of control and out of reach? We need big trees to live and breathe. What we don’t need is our overgrown trees becoming more of a hazard than they are helpful. We may have a long list of things on our minds other than the trees in our yard. Don’t worry, that is a thing of the past. There’s no better time than now to start.

No one expects you to trim or prune your trees, that is a Certified Arborist’s job. You should, however, know when your trees are overgrown, and what problems they can present.

Taking Control

Trees are always growing, and need regular maintenance. More or less, depending on the health of the tree and the environment that it is in.

Trim overgrown trees for reasons beyond esthetics, though looking good is also a top priority. On-site consultation with a Certified Arborist will be informative as you learn about the general health and wellbeing of your trees as well as a plan of action to treat existing conditions and future maintenance needs.

Pruning vs Trimming

What is the difference between pruning and trimming? Is there even a difference? Though the terms are often interchanged, there is actually a difference.

  • Pruning- Removal of dead branches, or branches the are growing into power lines or property. Pruning is done annually or whenever necessary.
  • Trimming- Trimming a tree is done to help the tree grow, and also to help it look more manicured. Typically performed twice a year trimming is done for the health of the tree, and the esthetics.


Pruning and trimming your trees become a matter of security when unmaintained branches risk covering motion detection lights, cameras, or allow unwanted guests to lurk in the shadows.


Overgrown trees are not only unsightly, but they are also dangerous. Dangers of overgrown trees include branches that can fall at any time, which is even worse when a storm rolls in.

The people, pets, vehicles, and buildings, etc on your property could be in harm’s way. What about when your trees fall on someone else’s property? Who is responsible when tree branches fall on neighboring properties?

Overgrown tree roots are also a danger when they take over places they don’t belong to. They, too, can be maintained.

Pruning for Pest Control

Allowing dead branches to hang out is an open invitation to extra insects to inhabit your tree. They may even be the cause of branches dying. Woodboring insects can ruin a perfectly good tree in a small amount of time.

Best Time of Year for Pruning

Cut overgrown trees while they are dormant, it is best for their health. For most trees, the dormant season is the winter. Pruning in the colder months also allows for more sun to shine through making it harder for ice to form on sidewalks and walking paths in freezing temperatures.

If you live in an area that frequently experiences high winds, you may want to increase your maintenance appointments.

Overgrown Trees

After all of that, if you are still feeling unsure of how or when to schedule your next overgrown tree service, call on the pros at Green Pine Tree Service at (214)212-2832 or online at Don’t delay, call today!