When to Call a Professional for Tree Branch Removal in Dallas

Are your tree’s limbs hanging too low? If you’re dealing with a questionable tree on your property, it’s time to take action. After all, if you don’t address the problem, you could end up with a safety liability.

Read on to learn when to call a professional for tree branch removal!

Questionable Tree Health

If you notice dead tree limbs or pests climbing in your trees, it’s time to call the tree trimming experts. Likewise, leaning trees or ones that don’t sprout leaves in the spring could have health issues. Certified arborists will know where and when to trim tree branches to help improve tree health – or when disease makes tree removal essential.

Further, if you don’t have experience climbing trees and using specialized tools to remove branches, it’s best to call the professionals. They’ll have bucket trucks, chainsaws, and other tools. They’ll also be comfortable accessing tree branches at significant heights.

Think of tree pruning as part of your lawn care routine. Pruning removes dead branches to create a sturdier, more robust tree. And the resulting tree canopy will be more attractive, enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

Concerns About Safety

The last thing you want is for a dead or damaged tree to fall over and harm your property. Worse yet, decaying trees can pose risks to anyone walking under them. All it takes is a severe thunderstorm or some strong wind gusts to cause a tree to topple over.

A reputable tree branch removal service will be able to evaluate trees and diagnose problems. They’ll also be able to take swift action to get rid of threatening trees.

Trees with limbs that hit power lines or buildings could become problems. And trees with shallow roots or visible signs of infestation won’t be structurally sound. Calling the experts is essential to ensure that the trees on your property are stable and healthy.

Tree Emergencies

When severe weather strikes, trees can become a significant hazard. A lightning strike or torrential downpour can compromise trees that may have been sickly already. And even the strongest trees might become victims during storm season.

Trees can become uprooted, fall, and block intersections. They also can become entangled with power lines, which creates a dangerous situation for anyone nearby.

Professional tree removal services have the experience to handle these situations. They can remove trees quickly to prevent further damage and create a safer landscape. Professional arborists will also have the permits and insurance to provide protection on the job.

Call for Tree Branch Removal

Professional tree branch removal is essential when you want to maintain healthy trees. Arborists can help with pruning and tree diagnoses, and they also can remove trees that pose a safety risk. When emergencies hit, trained arborists will have the expertise to remove trees that have caused damage.

At Greenpine Tree Service, our certified arborists provide the professional tree care you deserve. From preventative care to tree removal, we can handle your job. Contact us today to learn how we can help!