Winter Bug Treatments: How They Help Your Trees

Winter bug treatments are essential for maintaining healthy trees. Tree pests are experts at hiding during the winter, leading many people to believe they’ve gone. The truth is, most bugs will hide within the tree until spring when it’s often too late to save the tree from damage.

During fall and winter is the best time to act to make sure your trees are pest free for spring when your trees will start to flourish again. Take a look at this guide on common tree pests and how to treat them.

Red Spider Mites

Red spider mites can be tricky to catch. They look like small red dots on leaves so they can easily be mistaken for something other than a pest. They leave webbing behind like normal spiders would so if you believe you have red spider mites in your trees, look for the webbing on the leaves.

These pests are not easy to get rid of during the warmer months and they can quickly build in number which means many trees have an infestation before owners realize it. However, red spider mites tend to group near the tree trunks in colder weather to keep warm. That’s why it’s much easier to treat your tree during the winter and quickly get rid of these pests.


Scales are particularly frustrating tree pests and much like mites, they can amount to an infestation quickly. Many tree owners don’t recognize the infestation until the tree starts to show signs of damage. There are over 8000 species of scales that can be divided into two categories.

There are scales that stay immobile and can secrete a protective covering over themselves as they feast on the host tree. These are called armored scales. Then there are scales that secrete a wax-like covering that can move short distances along the tree which are called soft scales.

Scales often look like small bumps on the tree and they breed under the cover of their protective bumps. When an infestation occurs, a professional tree service in Dallas can help you treat it.


Aphids are commonly known as plant lice. They can be very difficult to see, being only an eighth of an inch long. They also vary in color so they can be mistaken for something unharmful regularly.

Colors vary from orange, green, yellow, red, and more. Ladybugs love to feast on aphids but an infestation of aphids is often too much for ladybugs alone. Aphids will suck on the sap from trees which can stunt the growth of the tree.

Aphid eggs will lay dormant during the winter so many owners notice a huge increase in aphids when spring arrives. To avoid this, it’s best to treat the trees before the eggs hatch.

How to Treat Tree Pests

Winter is the perfect time to make sure your tree is clear of pests and ready for spring. A professional arborist can examine your trees and look for any signs of pests or damage that needs to be repaired. There are a few things you can do to make sure you avoid insect infestations and keep your trees as healthy as possible.

The first thing you can do is prune and trim your trees regularly. This is especially important during the winter because trimming your trees could reveal pest-hiding spots. As a pest preventative, you could try using a glue band.

Glue bands are like a type of grease you can lay around the bottom of the tree that will stop insects from climbing the trunk. Lastly, you could use a winter oil or spray on your tree. Dormant oil will suffocate any insects or eggs which will prevent them from making a home in your tree.

The oil needs to cover the whole tree, including the trunk and the branches. It’s best to spray the oil and cover the tree when temperatures are high.

Although all these things are excellent preventatives for pests, there will be times when you’ll need advice from a tree specialist. Taking care of trees can be complicated but they’re valuable to the environment and your property.

Professional Care for Your Trees

At Green Pine Tree Service in Dallas, we can help you take care of your trees. If you want to make sure your trees are pest free, our specialist arborist can visit your property and carry out an evaluation. If pests are found, we can treat your trees to ensure they’re healthy for spring.

Along with evaluations, we also provide pruning, trimming, tree and stump removal, cable installation, and more. We provide the DFW area with the highest levels of professionalism and our services are second to none. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve been involved in and the testimonials from our past clients.

Winter Bug Treatments With Green Pine

Winter bug treatments can save you a lot of hassle. If you can treat your trees before pests become a problem, it will save you time and money and keep your trees looking healthy. At Green Pine Tree Service, we’re as passionate as you about keeping your trees in good health.

If you need your trees to be maintained or restored, we’re at your service. After our evaluation, we’ll give you a customized plan and specific health goals for your tree. If you think your trees may have pests, why not book an evaluation with us today?