5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Stump Removal Service

Stump removal is the quickest way to get rid of a stubborn stump, helping to stop the problem from reoccurring. If left alone, a stump can begin to sprout again – and it isn’t likely it’ll find its way out of the ground naturally.

Finding a trustworthy tree stump removal service is the best way to safely, and effectively get a stump out of your property. But what are the benefits of tree removal in Dallas, and is it worth your time?

If you’re curious about Greenpine Tree Service, we’re here to help guide you. Here are the five biggest benefits of hiring a professional tree stump removal service.

1. Safer Than DIY Fixes

There are many ways to remove a stump at home. Using a saw as a grinder, attempting to burn the stump, or using heavy machinery to dig up the stump are all common fixes.

However, these fixes all carry a potentially lethal threat. It’s best to let professionals with the right safety equipment and training handle the hassle for you.

2. Removes Pests

Stumps are one of the most common places for pests to find a home on your yard. They’re most frequently home to things like termites, but mammalian pests often find refuge in them as well.

If you have other structures near the stump, the pests can easily enter your property. Removing the stump helps to keep pests away.

3. Nicer Aesthetics

Stumps are generally seen as an eyesore. In some parts of Dallas, your HOA may even request that you get rid of a stump to avoid the look it gives.

Getting rid of the stump isn’t just effective for handling pests, but it also helps beautify your yard. However, doing this as a DIY task can damage the ground and surrounding area. Trust professionals to handle the task for you.

4. Clears Your Schedule

Stump removal is quick if you have the right equipment – but do you? Stump removal often requires specialist equipment that the average home won’t have in the garage.

That makes it so that tree removal in Dallas can take the majority of the day. Overall, you’re looking at weeks of time to find, purchase, and learn the equipment necessary.

5. Cost-Effective Fix

Speaking of needing to purchase equipment, how often will you need forestry machinery? A Dallas tree service will have the required tools, but there’s no reason for you to invest so heavily in such equipment for a single stump.

Some machines cost more than the entire cost of a tree stump removal service. While it may feel like hiring professionals is a costly option, purchasing the equipment to do it yourself is ultimately more expensive.

Handling Tree Stump Removal Service

Finding a trustworthy tree stump removal service is safer, more cost-effective, and helps you keep your schedule free. Trust in professionals to handle the task rather than finding and purchasing specialty equipment.

At Greenpine Tree Service, we provide the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the highest level of professional tree and stump removal. Our staff of certified and trained arborists are happy to improve the trees in your yard. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.