5 Tips for Proper Tree Removal in Dallas, TX

When a tree is healthy, it can be a beautiful addition to your property. But, a sick tree is nothing but a headache.

Diseased trees attract pests, infect other trees, and are more likely to fall causing major property damage and injuries.

Think you need to remove your tree? Hiring tree removal in Dallas can help you out. Keep reading for tips on proper tree removal.

1. Inspect the Tree

Proper tree removal in Dallas requires a tree inspection first. Cutting down a tree should be a last resort. Tree services can complete a full inspection to help you make a final decision.

You don’t want to remove a healthy tree by mistake. An arborist can check the health and dead portions of the tree.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is necessary for tree removal safety. Critical safety gear will include:

  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Safety vests
  • Goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Sturdy shoes

Wearing the right equipment will help prevent accidents and improve job efficiency.

Without the right equipment and protective gear, removing a tree on your own is not recommended. Tree maintenance and removal are always best left to the professionals.

3. Read Equipment Directions

Using heavy equipment to cut down stumps and limbs can be dangerous. Read and understand the instructions for these devices before using them. Instructions should be included in the manual that comes with the tools.

Sharp equipment, like chainsaws, can pose serious hazards to you, your property, and those around you.

When you opt to hire a Dallas tree service, you don’t have to worry about putting anyone or anything in jeopardy. These experts are familiar with the tools needed to cut down trees.

4. Plan an Escape Route

There are different types of trees ranging in size. Cutting down a large tree is risky, especially without experience.

When a tree is on its way down, you need to be prepared to move. Plan this route out in advance.

You shouldn’t take your eyes off the tree, so memorize the escape route and free it of obstructions. You should be able to run sideways or backward to safety while continuing to watch the tree fall.

5. Know the Local Regulations

Trees located between the sidewalk and the streets are on city property. If you want to cut down these trees, you need to get approval from the City of Dallas before an arborist can remove them.

Trees less than 19 inches in diameter are not regulated on residential properties.

Make sure you brush up on the rules and regulations in your zip code before scheduling a tree removal.

Do You Need Tree Removal in Dallas?

Tree removal in Dallas can be complicated, especially if you are dealing with a larger tree. To ensure your tree is safely and effectively removed, call the professionals.

Green Pine Tree Service in Dallas, Texas, has a team of certified arborists available for an inspection and customized plan of action.

With years of professional training and field experience, we are the ideal people to call when you need a tree removed. Our goal is to take good care of your trees as an environmentally conscious company.

Contact us today to schedule a professional tree consultation.