Experts Say You Should Prune for Fall: Here’s Why

Did you know that treating your trees to a fall pruning using the proper techniques can extend their life?

Even though it might seem unimportant, trimming back dead branches and improper growth is actually an essential part of caring for your tree. But, you’ll have to act fast – after all, winter is coming!

Keep reading for our expert tips on why you should prune this fall, hiring an arborist, and more!

Disease Control

Dormancy pruning refers to trimming trees during the part of the year when they are not growing.

This practice can help you avoid leaving fresh cuts on your tree during warmer weather when insects and disease have a better chance of taking hold. And, this same logic applies to preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other common pests.

By the time these common tree killers re-emerge in the spring, your tree’s cuts will be completely healed.

Winter Prep

Fall tree pruning can help it withstand harsh winter weather.

The stronger a tree, the better chances it has of surviving the winter ahead. And, removing weak and damaged limbs increases overall health, reduces the chances of cracking and breaking, and helps a tree focus its energy on enduring the winter dormant season.

Cutting back parts of your tree that are likely to break and fall can also help protect the rest of your property!

Spring Healing

Pruning trees in fall causes less stress and allows for faster recovery time. And, your trees cuts will be completely healed by the time it’s ready to start growing again after the dormant months.

Removing dead branches also lets more light in, helping your tree soak up as much nutrition as possible once springtime weather arrives. This can kick-start a new growth cycle, allowing your tree to flourish during the year ahead.

Call in the Pros

You already know why it’s important to prune your trees in fall – but why should you hire a professional arborist?

Tree pruning is more than just cutting back branches. It’s also an important opportunity to assess your tree’s overall health and help it prepare for the harsh conditions and dormant months that lie ahead.

Hiring a local expert will not only help you get fall pruning finished in time for winter, but it will also give you a chance to check in on how your tree is doing. Just remember to check out a few online reviews and testimonials, and make sure your arborist of choice is accredited with a trustworthy organization like the Better Business Bureau before making a final hiring decision.

Fall Pruning – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Now that you know a bit about fall pruning for trees, you’re probably eager to get the process started. And, there’s no time to waste! Winter will be here before you know it.

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