Is My Tree Still Alive? Here’s How to Find Out

Trees can live up to thousands of years depending on the type. But, how do you know when your tree has given out? There are signs of a dying tree that can be saved or needs to come down right away.

If you are asking yourself, “Is my tree dead?”, read this guide on how to tell.

Leaf Growth

If you’re wondering, “Is my tree dead?”, the first thing you should look at is the growth of the leaves. Each tree will shed leaves at a certain point during the year. It is when the tree begins to shed leaves earlier than usual that you should worry.

Some trees, like evergreens, will keep their leaves the entire year. In this case, you should worry when they are losing a significant amount of leaves. This could be one of the signs your tree is dead.

Leaf Coloration

Another one of the signs your tree is dying is the difference in the color of leaves. During the year, the leaves may change colors. For example, a pine tree might begin to have brown or yellow needles.

This usually means your tree doesn’t have the ability to provide nutrients to the leaves anymore. The signs won’t be noticeable right away. It will take time to creep up, but once it has, you will know.

Unusual Surrounding Species

Trees are often homes to critters and bugs. However, as they age, they become more susceptible to destructive plants and pests. Some of these pests may not be destructive but are only attracted to the tree because it is dying.

If your tree is beginning to welcome life forms that it did not once welcome, it is probably dying. If you are wondering, “can my tree be saved?”, it would have to be moved to a new and healthier area.

Dead Branches

A dead branch is likely the easiest way to tell that your tree is dying or already dead. You can identify a dead branch by seeing if it doesn’t have leaves or if it has scattered bark.

If none of the other branches are dead, it will be easy to spot the dead one. In this case, you can save your tree by cutting off the dead branch. This will allow the tree to stop wasting nutrients.

Directional Leaning

A tree that is dying or already dead tends to lean in a certain direction. A healthy tree is easy to spot because it stays upright or in the direction of the light.

A dying tree cannot support it’s weight anymore, to they will begin to lean. It is best to cut a leaning tree down because it could fall at any moment, harming your home or people around it.

Is My Tree Dead? Explained

Questioning “is my tree dead?”, is the first step to getting something done about it. A dying tree can be saved if only some branches or leaves are changing. However, it is important to know when to let go of a tree so it does not cause any serious damage.

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