Tree Service in Plano: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

21% of Plano, Texas is covered in trees. That number has been growing since the city adopted an Urban Forest Management Plan in 2018.

Keeping these trees in check requires services such as pruning, trimming, cutting, and felling. It’s a necessity in every part of the city but becomes more personal when it reaches your backyard.

Read on for three ways to choose the best tree service in Plano.

1. Check Their Credibility

Check the service’s website for the proper credentials and licensure. They should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can also check if they’re members of trade associations such as the Tree Care Industry Association or the International Society of Arboriculture.

Look at how long the tree service has been in business. Positive reviews and references confirm that they’ve developed a positive reputation over that time.

Going on word of mouth alone isn’t as effective as meeting with them in person. Schedule an appointment to meet in person.

They shouldn’t hesitate to answer any questions you have, especially when you request to see their certificates of insurance. At a minimum, they should have liability and worker’s compensation. It’s a necessary precaution because tree workers have 15 times the fatality rate and three times the nonfatal rate of all other industries.

2. Look Into Their Services and Staff

Check the tree service’s website for a full list of their staff. It should include at least one or more certified arborists with the proper credentials. Ask about what tools they have and whether they’re OSHA certified.

They can help you understand the full range of services they offer and which ones would be best for you. For instance, tree trimming and pruning sound the same but are used in different situations.

3. Get Quotes

If you want to get an idea of the average cost of tree service in Plano, get quotes from two or three companies and compare them. Step away from outrageously high figures. Low ones are a warning sign of inexperience and unprofessionalism.

Consider what’s included in each company’s quote. Felling is the quickest form of tree removal but can damage your yard. Cutting it into smaller sections takes more time and costs more but causes less damage. This may make it a better value for your money.

Never commit to paying for the service until you’re satisfied with the work. Avoid paying upfront unless you want them to complete a tree cutting but never return to get the stump removed.

Where to Get Tree Service in Plano

Plano is a city full of trees that need managing, and finding the right professionals to do it can prevent emergencies down the line.

Do research to find out if they’re certified and have a positive reputation. Look at their staff’s credentials and see if they can perform the services you need. Get quotes from a variety of sources and don’t pay until you know you’ve found reliable professionals.

Greenpine Tree Service has a staff of trained arborists that maintain and shape trees throughout the DFW area. Contact us for tree service in Plano today.